Sunday, December 7, 2008

You're going to be that friend that makes me go to the gym on Sundays, aren't you?

Ok, well I feel like not a lot has been happening lately but in has.

Victoria has arrived for her visit, which means Mike is now well fed for the next 3 months and we don't have to worry about him becoming malnourished due to my lack of culinary skills (but Lord knows that I try)

Me and Catherine have officially started Boot Camp at the gym along with a few other friends and I'm proud to say that we haven't died yet. Six weeks of personal training plus the extra trips I'm dragged there for? Pfffft! We got this!

The town did it's annual tree lighting today at 4:30 in the afternoon....when it got dark out. Blah. But it was nice to sing Christmas songs with whole town while we all froze our butts off together. Because that's what this time of year is all about. Togetherness.

I am happy to announce that there have not been any other crazy people stories to tell since my last tragic visit to Walmart, but there's still pleanty of days left this month for that to change.

The tree is up and decorated, the lights are on the house, presents are wrapped and under the tree. (most of them anyways). We had our first little snow storm today and Santa is now a permanent fixture at the mall for the rest of the season.

But is still doesn't feel like Christmas for some reason.

Maybe Mike is right and I'm now officially a grown up. We'll see how long that lasts.

I'm still trying to do a coat drive so if anyone has an old jacket that they don't need anymore, please let me know! I have to make the drop off by the 15th! Thank you!

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The Super Goop said...

Awesome post! I feeling ya! At least someone in the family has their act together!!! Love you. Reen