Monday, March 30, 2009

My First Lasagna

Ok, so I'm making my first lasagna tonight and it's pretty exciting.

Isn't it funny how when someone finds out that you're cooking something for the first time, they ask you a series of questions?

For example:

"Oh, you're making lasagna!? You make your own sauce right? It's so much better when you make it your self."

Nope! Sauce from a jar!

"But you make your own meatballs, right?"

Nah, the more frozen the better!

But this got me to thinking, 'Maybe I should make my own sauce'.

But that's going to turn into, "Oh you make your own sauce? You grow all your own tomatoes, vegetables, herbs and spices right?"

And once I start making my own sauce for my lasagna, it's going to turn into, "Well, you do make all you own fresh pasta right? It's so much better when you make your own pasta."

But once I start making my own pasta people will start asking, "You grow your own wheat and grains right? It's more organic and healthy and it tastes soooo much better!"

So now I'm growing my own tomatoes, vegetables, herbs, spices, wheat and grain. Soon I'll need to raise my own pigs and cows so that I have fresh sausage and hamburger to add.

I guess this means I'm moving to Italy to start my own farm and grow my own ingredients. It was nice knowing you all! I'll send a postcard!

And all because I tried to make my first lasagna...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

25 Things About Me

I posted this on my myspace, but not everyone reads that, so here's a little info about me!

1. I've never had a surprise party, but I've thrown 2 sucsessful ones

2. I've always wanted someone to sing "brown eyed girl" to me at karaoke but now by eyes are dark green so it would be irrelevant now

3. i love seth rogan movies

4. i always wanted red hair when I was growing up but i cant be anything but blond

5. i like it when it rains

6. my bed is my favorite place on earth

7. im certified in reiki 1

8. i looove breakfast sandwiches

9. babies scare me a little

10. i actually like working out now

11. i've been at my job for 5 years now and i still dont know if this is what i want to do with the rest of my life

12. i love taking pictures

13. i hate reading a book and then seeing the movie because the movies never stack up

14. i've been to transylvania and been in Dracula's castle. pretty effing awesome

15. i love being near the water

16. i hate video games, but i love guitar hero. its a love hate relationship

17. i love having my birthday in the summer. yay for beer and bbq's!

18. i really like getting the mail. not email

19. i have an aunt who looks like sandra bullock

20. i'm very sarcastic and im not as mean i come off some times. but i am very opinionated and sometimes it just comes out. sorry!

21. i miss being a little kid some times, and i think thats why i want to be back in pennsylvania so badly. i need a little part of that back in my life

22. i go through all my jackets, clothes, shoes and bags every year and donate them to the mission

23. i tell people that my favorite color is pink but deep down i really think its blue

24. im learning romanian, but i need to learn faster

25. halloween is my favorite holiday